U.S. Africa Institute

Our Approaches

Our Approach is multi-faceted relying on Innovation, Cross-Cultural Competency, Digital and Technological sophistication, with the purpose of bridging the knowledge and cultural gap through Public Diplomacy.

 USAI prides itself for being innovative, cross-culturally competent, embracing digital and technological tools to meet the needs of various constituencies. Its strategies and interventions aim at increasing cross-cultural exchanges that bring individuals and sectors to find durable and lasting solutions to educational disparities and inequities.

USAI sees its work as one that can catalyze relationship building and trust across international boundaries. We are committed to improved citizen and public diplomacy engagement between the United States and Africa and, furthermore, channel the skills and talents of academic professionals towards the goal of nation building with peace and prosperity as the ultimate end game.   

Through a public and education diplomacy approach, the organization has developed academic partnerships with US-based academic institutions, and the African diaspora communities leveraging the power of public diplomacy and mobilizing available human capital and resources to advance the rights of women and girls in Africa.

Our approach is in lieu of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and African Union Agenda 2063 which affirms the continued relevance of mobilizing the diaspora and the need to develop a cultural and education diplomacy approach to address educational inequity, and ensure world-class infrastructure for learning and research and support scientific reforms that underpin the transformation of the continent, and sustain investments in higher education, science, technology, research and innovation, and the elimination of gender disparities at all levels of education.