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There are many ways to get involved

from volunteering with us to donating to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


One of the best ways to support us is to host your own fundraiser. This gives you the chance to tell your friends and family why our work is important to foster citizen diplomacy, academic partnership, and serving a community. We’ll happily support your house party, happy hour, Twitter/Facebook fundraiser, or benefit concert.  Be creative! Just let us know your plans and we’ll help ensure that your event is a success.  Whether you collect $20 in lieu of birthday gifts or raise $2,000 at a giant neighborhood yard sale – every cent helps! 

If you would like to help us raise funds, please feel free to contact us at the address listed below. We graciously thank you for your support in advance. 


We are campaigning to establish the US Africa Institute. We are ambitiously advocating and campaigning to create a lasting and supportive partnership between the US academic institutions and African institutions through academic, research, and education diplomacy. We have a mission to be able to create an opportunity for US students, faculty, and researcher to build a strong partnership with African students, faculty, and universities. We invite you to join our campaign today to create the space we envisioned to set up over the last couple of years. One way to engage with our campaign is by volunteering with us. Call or email us to register as a volunteer to help us achieve our vision. 


We are a recently established organization and we need financial support from our community members, foundations, and private donors. Help us reach our goal of creating a unique space for our students, faculty, and community member to be able to run successful academic support, research partnership, and community service programs.