U.S. Africa Institute

About Us

The U.S. Africa Institute (USAI) is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization established to advance strategic partnerships between the United States of America and Africa through education and exchange programs. U.S. Africa Institute (USAI) has launched a wide range of local and international programs both in the United States and Africa. USAI helps foster greater understanding and build capacity and professional excellence in teaching, research, and cross-cultural collaboration utilizing in-person and virtual modalities. USAI has a wide range of stakeholder partners including governmental and non-governmental agencies to leverage its leadership in global education and to promote civic and public diplomacy that can contribute to democratic institutions in Africa.

Vision Statement

A catalyst in transforming the strategic partnerships between the U.S. and Africa.

Mission Statement

Enhance the quality and professional capacity of educational institutions in Africa by facilitating mutually beneficial institutional engagements with U.S. higher educational entities, think tanks, and expert intermediaries to foster inter-faculty exchanges, provide highly customized technical assistance and academic support, promote effective virtual learning opportunities and exchange programs, and engage in advocacy towards educational equity and justice.

U.S. Africa Institute targets and prioritizes historically marginalized and disadvantaged groups to address educational inequities and disparities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Everything we do at USAI centers diversity, equity and inclusion. We work diligently to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are integrated into our work and leadership to reflect our commitment to gender equity and racial justice. We continue to build a culture that is respectful, safe, fair and inclusive for all.