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University Partnerships

University Partnership

The U.S. Africa Institute facilitate university partnerships between American and African universities. Through University Partnership initiatives, we facilitates academic and research partnerships between African and American universities in areas pertaining to capacity building, research collaboration, faculty and student exchanges etc.. As part of the University Partnership program, we offer academic support programs to students in partnership with American Spaces, which are an integral part of the Office of Public Affairs of U.S.- American Embassies. The program advances shared cultural roots and bonds between African and American students and young professionals that provide a powerful bridge between them, and an opportunity to share new learnings through education, cultural exchange, volunteerism and leadership. The course curriculum offerings through this program are based on the skills and talents of the volunteer pool in combination with the American Spaces recommended program areas. We employ a collaborative team approach for all aspects of the program design that includes course design, planning, and instructional delivery. As a result of of a collaborative partnership developed in 2021 between USAI and American Spaces, six Learning Clubs have emerged which were part of that drive our course design and implementation for our first round of programming, including Cross-Cultural Book Club, Creative Club (STEAM), Debate/Human Rights/International Relations Club, English Language Development Club, Environmental Health Science Club and American Culture and History Club.s